Darryl Tomlin

A Personal Technology and Blog Site. . .

Welcome to my website, my name is Darryl Tomlin I live in Canada in our nation's capital Ottawa, Ontario, and since graduating from the Computer Engineering Technology Program in 1991, at Sault College Of Applied Arts and Technology in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada, I have been working in the technology field mostly in Computer Networking, Network Administration, SQL Administration, and Help Desk Support. I also done back-end web development in the past, developing on ASP an ASP.NET.

I created this website to be used as a Blog on technology and other (non) political interests. I am looking to increase and and advance my programming and development skills, so I am using this site to keep a diary of my progress with what I have learned by updating this online journal. The programming languages that will be covered are to be Python and C# along with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The idea for doing this is to provide motivation for myself to keep learning and developing new skills.

Along with the Technology blog and other interests, I will be writing up various small technical articles on how to troubleshoot an issue, or the use of features in software, hardware, or networking. I will also, be writing and providing pictures of where I live in, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada my nations capital.

Finally, the About Me is a bit of a resume and list of skills and education over the years. So please if you find my information helpful, please feel free to use it.